Olympus offers certified international Medical Expert Training courses in over 25 reference centers across 13 countries in Europe. Courses are led by medical experts – with the support of Olympus – to help health-care professionals optimize their skills.

As NBI primarily concerns the interpretation of clinical pictures, training courses and peer-to-peer education is crucial to transfer knowledge from current users of the technology to new adopters. Therefore, we have set up three training and reference centers throughout Europe where we constantly run Medical Expert Training courses on management of bladder and upper-urinary-tract cancer.

Day One
15:30Meeting in the lobby of the hotel and transfer to the hospital
16:00Welcome and introduction to IUCT Oncopole
16:15NBI Technology
16:30Live observation of HD-NBI-assisted follow-up cystoscopies
17:30Case presentation for day two
19:00End of day one
Day Two
7:30Get-together in the lobby of the hotel and transfer to the hospital
  • Update on NMIBC management
  • The value of advanced imaging such as HD-NBI and PDD in TUR-BT and follow-up cystoscopy
10:30Live surgery: HD-NBI assisted TUR-BT resection
13:00Live surgery continued
15:30End of Medical Expert Training and departure

Day One
17:00Welcome and introduction of Narrow Band Imaging for tumor diagnosis
17:45Update on NMIBC diagnosis and follow-up focusing on NBI and its clinical relevance
18:15Update on NMIBC treatment with particular focus on bipolar resection and enucleation
18:45Update on upper-urinary-tract-tumor management – the importance of video endoscopy and NBI
19:00Case presentation for live surgery day
19:30End of day one
Day Two
8:00Live surgeries:
  • PDD TUR-BT resection
  • En bloc enucleation of a bladder tumor using NBI
13:00Live surgeries:
  • Upper-urinary-tract tumor with NBI (initial treatment)
  • Upper-urinary-tract tumor with NBI (follow-up patient)
16:00End of the Medical Expert Training and departure